An Interactive Story book!

An old folk tale re-written and re-told and made interactive. Touch and find hidden interactive elements in the story.

Hidden Elements

Re-discover an old legend re-imagined in a new way. Discover hidden interactive elements in the story.

Original Artwork!

All original art work! Beautifully illustrated and re-imagined. Re-written in verse and rhyme for younger audiences.

Sound and Music

Enjoy original background score and interesting sound effects.


Two wonderful games to play for busy hands and busy minds!

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The artwork, narration and soundtrack are gorgeous and professionally done. The icing on the cake is that the artwork is done on muted tones of parchment paper and gives the book a sense of ancient import and a story to be listened to or read. You can almost feel the history of the story as your fingers dance along the page. I really appreciate how the interactions are purposeful to the story and going from page to page is not always a linear process. Children really need to tune in, look and listen to progress in the story.

Jo Booth

Occupational Therapist, Pediatrist, Teachers with Apps

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